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Supporting Developers With Property Management Services

A successful development project will hinge on many different components coming together such as location, planning, accessibility and of course costs.

 The most vital element arguably is the ability to sell the completed flats at the anticipated level so as to realise the value in the project. Whether selling the units off-plan or otherwise, any buyer will want to know that their hard-earned money will be protected for the long term. They are looking for a package that will include assurances that the building will be well maintained so as to protect the value of their asset and that snagging matters are dealt with properly and in a timely and professional

For a developer that can demonstrate this from day one, there is every likelihood that the project will conclude successfully and the desired results will be achieved. This is where KMP Solutions come in. We are able to assist developers to make the sales and subsequent transition process as smooth and attractive as possible. Quite apart from the legal training and qualifications of the Directors at KMP, we have extensive hands-on experience built up over almost a decade in precisely this specialist field, and so are perfectly placed to add value and lighten your load. From creating a detailed Budget Forecast with accompanying explanatory notes for inclusion within the sales pack in your show flat, to putting clear procedures in place as to when, to whom and how any snagging and defects should be directed post completion, we put together an enviable package which is genuinely appealing to prospective buyers.

With regards to the actual implementation of a service charge once your development completes, we recognise and appreciate that there is likely to be a significant amount of time that passes from when the first flat sells until the last ones sell. For this reason, we have created a flexible service charge model for the first year or two of our management, whereby only essential services are rolled out initially so as to keep service charges at an
absolute minimum to ensure that your contribution (as developers with responsibility for all the unsold apartments) is kept to a minimum. At the same time, it is very important for us to ensure that the block always looks well-presented and appealing to prospective purchasers coming to view unsold flats and also to ensure that all regulatory responsibilities that fall on you as Freeholder are being dealt with on an ongoing basis. We will of course discuss your individual requirements to ensure that the management package implemented, fits with your requirements for the building.

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KMP Solutions have created a bespoke Three Stage Approach for developers:

Stage 1


  • Advanced Budget Forecasts to assist with off-plan sales
  • Apportionment of Service Charge Percentages and Schedules
  • 3D Visualisations for sales literature
  • Acting as liaison with Leaseholders on existing developments
  • Dealing with Section 5 Notices

Stage 2


  • Devise practical long term management strategy
  • Lease structuring in relation to service charge provisions
  • Assisting solicitors with replies to enquiries
  • Dealing with completion apportionments

Stage 3


  • Implementation of cost effective soft management package
  • Welcoming new owners and set up of individual utility accounts
  • Compliance with Regulatory matters
  • Long term implementation of full management on completion of sales
  • Assisting and acting as liaison for snagging matters