Portfolio Auditing

KMP Solutions offers a Property Portfolio Auditing service which focuses on exploring all ways in which to maximise the capital value of a property portfolio. Our property audit considers such issues as whether or not individual properties are being let profitably and what could or ought to be done in the short and the long term to increase the capital value of a property, as individual units or in its entirety. This could include suggestions relevant to refurbishments and developments, lease restructuring, exploiting previously unused areas within a property and planning.

We provide the property audit service to institutions that are involved in dealing with underperforming property portfolios including various banking corporations and LPA (Law of Property Act) receivers. Typically, we will be called in to review company portfolios of residential and/or commercial property holdings that have been placed in administration or are in receivership.

We scrutinise all property payments that are remitted to suppliers and received from tenants. We investigate areas such as rent, service charge and insurance payments and receipts, as well as all utility and facility suppliers. We will highlight which areas are commercially sound and make concrete recommendations for those that are not. This serves a dual purpose of ensuring that there is no duplication of a service which may already be in place. If a client has concerns about a particular cost area, we can explore this in greater detail and make recommendations accordingly.

Property portfolio auditing is primarily aimed at offering clarity as to the current status of each of the properties, providing an in depth analysis of the performance of the portfolio as a whole. We seek to provide a comprehensive review of the legal status and security of the various tenancies, including advice on how best to utilise lease provisions such as rent review dates, break dates, etc.

We also provide a portfolio audit as above for individual clients with large portfolios who simply wish to have a health check on the overall performance of a portfolio. We call upon our legal experience and practical common-sense approach to maximise the capital value and borrowing capacity of the portfolio.

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